Friday, 22 February 2013

Getting My Malcolm On OOTD

Hey guys!

The outfit I wore today is so simple but I love it. Mostly because it's all black and there's almost something powerful about wearing all black,  harking back to the Black Panthers (and the fact that it's slimming also helps).  But knowing me, I couldn't resist adding a 90's touch to it by adding a gold chain and my brothers oversized Adidas jumper.

I also did my hair this week. I was inspired by Akilah's post on making a u-part wig so I did that with the same hair I had before, only I bleached and dyed my hair red and used a needle and thread instead of glue. I was so scared to dye my hair because I've never been another colour, although you could say I chickened out because I didn't do the whole head lol. It doesn't look as bright as it does in the pictures, I think my camera just picks up colour really well.

And oh yeah...the white specks in some of the pictures are snow!

I'm wearing:

- Adidas jumper (my brother's)
- ASOS polo neck dress
- River Island faux gold chain
- New Look black plimsolls 

Feel free to leave any comments or ask any questions below :) 


  1. I want this dress! Don't be surprised if it goes missing the next time I'm home...

  2. Your hair looks sooo nice! I knew it would go well :D
    Love this outfit! x



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