Sunday, 30 December 2012

The Time My Mum Only Gave Me Half An Hour To Get Ready.

Sorry about the extra long title, but I thought it was the only adequate way to describe my OOTD post today. We had to go to Sainsbury's to get food and drinks for NYE. I don't set an alarm on the weekends, but my mum decided to wake me up with around 20 minutes before we had to leave the house. Panic ensued. 20 minutes definitely doesn't give me enough time to make myself look human do my make up. I know you're thinking that it's only Sainsbury's, and why do I care? The honest answer is I have no idea why I care so much...but I've learnt to accept it lol.

So I didn't have time to anything to my face or hair, or really time to pick a co-ordinated outfit. When I have no time I end up throwing the weirdest things together, sometimes it works and a lot of the time it doesn't. I'm still trying to make up my mind about this one...

I'm wearing:

- Floral Cardigan (New Look press sample)
- Fluorescent Yellow Crop Top (New Look £4)
- Black Maxi Skirt (New Look £20)
- Black Converse (£45 Office)

It's really weird...I completely did not notice that basically my entire outfit is from New Look. Strange since I hardly ever shop there anymore lol.

I also did a little bit of shopping last week (some sale, some not) and here's what I bought:

Hope you enjoyed reading and have a happy new year! 


Thursday, 27 December 2012

Family Ties.

Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a really good Christmas? I did and I was really happy with my presents (although I knew exactly what I was getting lol). I got a Kindle, a pair of Converses and some Real Technique eyeshadow brushes which are bloody amazing. But of course my favourite thing about Christmas was spending time with the family. Me and my brothers and sister decided that we would all wear our matching Educate Elevate jumpers and add to the cheesy nature of the day. So here are a few pics of us doing what we do best...being idiots :) 

I'm wearing: 

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- River Island Jeans £20 (on sale)
- Black Converse £44.99

Daniel is wearing:

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- Jeans from Next £15 (on sale)
- Dark Green Nike Blazers £66.99

Lajoy is wearing:

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- Vintage Levi shorts £15 from Camden Market
- Burgundy Leather Loafers £65 from Office

Nathan is wearing:

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- Jeans from H&M
- Black Leather Nike Blazers £69.99 from Office

We're very sad...I know lol

Hope you enjoyed reading and hope you're still enjoying your holidays. And if you're already back at work well...become a teacher! :) 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year OOTD

I'm so terrible, I haven't done a post in yonks, I've been so busy! But I'm back with another outfit of the day post. I sometimes struggle with these because I never know if what I'm wearing is ever 'special' enough to make a post about lol. Today I was out with my mum and sister doing some Christmas food shopping at Sainsbury's which was lovely a freaking nightmare. Why were grown men trying to elbow me out the way to get to the foil first? And why were old women trying to run me over with the trolley while I was looking for the Lindt? In the future I'm going to suggest my mum does her Christmas food shopping online. We then went to Marks & Spencer to get my grandparents a couple of presents and now everything is officially sorted we can relax :)

Here's what I wore:

- Educate Elevate Black Beanie - £22
- Leopard Print Shirt from H&M (bought 3 years ago)
- Black Tube Skirt (borrowed from my sister but I think it's from Topshop)
-Black Leather Ankle Boots from Topshop - £80

Have an amazing Christmas everyone and I'll be back soon! 


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Animalistic OOTD

Another OOTD post. I'm going to try and keep this quite frequent because they seem to be the most popular :) Today I went to Wood Green to buy Christmas decorations and scented candles (don't ask me why). If you're familiar with Wood Green, you'll know that it's a place where velour tracksuits are still a familiar sight lol. I didn't want to dress up too much, but at the same time I couldn't help myself and decided to inject a bit of fun into a drab day with my outfit. This is what I wore...

So yeah, don't judge me but I did go for a fitted tiger print midi dress. But at least it wasn't leopard right? Lol


- Tiger Print Dress from River Island. £15 (on sale)
- Camo Jacket with PU Sleeves from River Island. I think it was £50.
- Black Suede/Leather/Studded bag from River Island. £120
- Black Nike Blazers from Office. £66.99

I really am a River Island whore aren't I? Sigh...

My Christmas Wishlist. I already know what I'm getting for Christmas (a Kindle Paperwhite). But if I wasn't and if I had loads of friends who could read my mind and enjoyed spending copious amounts of money on me, then this is what I'd be unwrapping on Christmas morning.

I'm also aware that I sound really superficial at the moment. I kind of hate myself for it and yet I can't stop :( lol


I really, really want these for work! I wear heels everyday but I have this nagging feeling that I'm going to end up falling down the stairs soon in front of all my students a nice pair of flats would really help.


Are Nike Blazers dying now? The 'hype' in trainers seems to be Puma's. Expect to see them on a lot of people very soon. I don't have any green trainers so these would be a nice addition to my wardrobe.


I'm completely and utterly in love with this coat, but here's the thing...even if I did want to buy it, it's completely sold out online. And to make matters worse, I'm conflicted over buying yet another coat with leather sleeves. Would you judge me?


Yeah I love tacky sh*t. And it pays homage to Moschino. It's basically a win win situation :)


I've needed eye make up brushes for the longest time and after using the Real Techniques Foundation brush, I now really want to try these out.


This palette from Urban Decay is legendary. I think every beauty blogger I've come across owns it. I really want to see if it lives up to the hype.


I actually hate buying bras...simply for the fact that being a GG means that I have to spend larger amounts of money on bras that aren't even that special :(. However, after looking through the Bravissimo   website I found this one and fell in love. I've never owned a red bra before, so why not start now? :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and maybe even got a few gift ideas from it?

Leave any comments below :)

Friday, 7 December 2012

Beanie Weather


Just a quick post today. Remember the clothing brand 'Educate Elevate' I blogged about a couple of weeks ago? Well I ordered a whole bunch of stuff (four sweatshirts and a beanie) from them and it all arrived this week! Since it's bloody freezing outside I thought I would blog a pic of me in the beanie. I think it might be my favourite thing in the world right now!

P.S. I really wanted to blog the sweatshirts but I bought them as Christmas presents for my siblings ( and one for myself shhh!) so pictures of them will definitely be coming at the end of this month.

Details can be found in this previous post.

P.S. I'm wearing MAC 'Honeylove' in this pic, so if you're the same skin tone as me and was wondering what it would look like on, then this is it!

Hope you're all wrapping up warm! 


Saturday, 1 December 2012


Hey guys!

While I wait for my family to arrive to have a lil belated celebration for my brothers 17th birthday, I thought I would do a little 'outfit of the day' or 'what I wore today' post. It's nothing too fancy, just the kind of thing that I wear when I know I'm not leaving the house, but still want to look decent so my family don't tear me to shreds. Also note that the leggings are worn mostly for the fact that there will be roti, curry goat and an abundance of chicken in my house...yeah I'm going to need the stretch! lol

I'm wearing:

- Camouflage Jumper from Topshop £35
- Black Ponti Panel Leggings from River Island £20
- Black Nike Blazers from Office £67.99
- Michael Kors watch from Harrods £240
- Peace Sign Earrings from River Island £3

Hope you enjoyed reading! :) 


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