Sunday, 29 December 2013

Another Girl In Another Pair Of Timberlands OOTD

Hi guys! 

Since I'm on my Christmas holidays, I actually have plenty of time to I thought I'd do an 'outfit of the day' since I haven't done one since April?! How bad is that?! 

I've noticed that recently all my weekend outfits have been all black or close enough so this one follows tradition :) 

Everything I'm wearing here (except for the vest top), I bought in the last two weeks and the Timberlands were a Christmas present. I know almost everyone has a pair, which effectively makes me a fashion sheep, but the heart wants what the heart wants and I'm extremely happy to have them. Also I should mention how comfortable they are! I wasn't expecting it at all but they really feel like I'm wearing Air Max's.

I've written down everything I'm wearing below the pics.

1) Black square quilted faux fur collar jacket from River Island - £45
This was love at first sight. Although it's described as a jacket, I would definitely say it's more of a cardigan as it's quite thin. However, if you wear a cardigan or thick jumper inside it's definitely ok for this mild weather.

2) Black vest from Topshop 
 I've had this for about 5 years and the fact that I'm still able to wear it says a lot about the quality I guess. I definitely recommend their basic wear.

3) Black high waisted leggings from River Island - £20
I can't find a link for them on the website but I got them from the Oxford St store if you're interested. I love that these are so comfortable yet still add a little something extra to an outfit. I'd say to get them a size smaller because I got these in my size and they won't stop falling down lol.

I'm in love with these so far, and what I love even more is that they're waterproof (since I'm always the stupid girl who wears expensive footwear on rainy days lol). It's like these were made for me!

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave any comments below! :) 

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  1. What size feet are you? Sorry, I know that's a weird question but I just want to know so that I'd have an idea what these shoes would look like on my feet! I have huuuge size 7 or 8 feet but I want these shoes sooo bad!!



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