Friday, 11 April 2014

My Top Tips!

Hi guys!

It's the Easter holidays and I'm at home bored out of my mind so I thought I'd write a quick post about my top makeup tips and things I've learnt along the way while doing my makeup course. So here goes!

Don't be afraid to mix foundations!

Since there doesn't seem to be a single foundation on this earth that matches my skin colour completely, I've taken to mixing foundations to get it exactly right. Also don't be scared to mix them to get the exact consistency you want for your skin type. For example, I mix MAC Face & Body in C6 (which is a touch too light) and MAC Matchmaster in 7.5 (which is too dark). This gives me the perfect shade. I also get the best of both worlds with these two foundations. Because I have combination skin, it's great to get the sheerness and glow from Face & Body and the coverage and matte texture of Matchmaster all in one :)

Get the 217 brush in your life!

If you're into eyeshadow then I would definitely say that the MAC 217 blending brush is a necessity. Whether you've applied one shade or five, this brush is great for blending your shadows to give a really natural finish. Since I began using it, I don't think I could use anything else. It's also great for blending out other products on your face, such as blushes and highlights :) Although it retails at £18, I'll definitely be picking up a couple more for my kit. 

Eyelash curlers actually do make a difference!

Hands up if like me you thought that eyelash curlers were extremely overrated and just another way for the beauty industry to get more money out of us? Well I was wrong and it turns out that I had just been using pretty rubbish ones. The Shu Uemura ones are the way forward! They really do lift your lashes and create a more open eye. I bought this for my kit but just ended up using them myself because I fell in love with them lol. They cost £20 and I bought them from Selfridges.

And some other quick tips:

- Moisturise your lips before you start applying your makeup to avoid chapped lips (especially when you're applying matte lipsticks like Ruby Woo). My favourite is Blistex Lip Medex.

- MAC Full Coverage foundation (you can get it from the Pro stores) can double as a concealer.

- Try using individual lashes at the corners of your eye instead of a full strip. It creates a much more natural look.

- The MUA eye primer is pretty amazing and you'll save yourself A LOT of money! lol

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave any comments below :) 

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