Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Mac And A Bit Of Tack.

Hey guys!

So after the past few days I've been shopping and kind of bankrupted myself. But what hurts more than the fact that I'm now extremely broke, is the fact that everything I bought was to wear at work :( Since I work in a school most of the stuff I wear is extremely boring so I won't bother showing you all that...but I will show you the couple of things I got that weren't work related. 

First up is...

MAC Blot Powder (Pressed) in 'Deep Dark' - £20

Since Spring has finally sort of started, my oily face has tumbled out of control. It actually got so shiny that people started to use my skin as a reflective surface in which they would use to reapply their lipstick. I joke. But anyway, I went into MAC looking for some sort of powder to keep it at bay. I thought I would need a translucent powder but the sales assistant recommended that I try the blot powder and tried some on my face. I'm not going to do a review of it right now since I've only worn it twice, but from what I can see right now it's pretty amazing. It completely changed the look of my face and kept the oil away for hours. I used it to set my foundation in the morning and hardly needed to reapply during the day. The only thing I would say is that I wouldn't use the puff they give you to apply leaves quite a heavy/cakey look. Use a powder brush instead for more natural looking results.

I also bought...

ASOS Horse Detail Purse - £7.50 (sale)

So this may very well be the tackiest thing EVER and that's why I like it. It's red, it's faux gold, faux leather...but instead of being sick I just had the biggest grin on my face when I first saw it. I don't even particularly like horses but I'm in love with his. It's also the first non-River Island purse I've had in around 5 years so it makes a really nice change. Please don't judge me lol

Hope you enjoyed reading! 


  1. I've been looking at this product recently myself. Can't wait for you to do a review, I'm dreading when the weather turns properly.

  2. Looking forward to your review, my skin is super oily so this sounds really good!
    I love the purse! I think I have that tacky taste too tbh loool x



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