Monday, 6 May 2013

Introducing Jerome Thomas!

Hi guys!

I know this is a beauty/fashion blog but recently I've come across a singer called Jerome Thomas on YouTube and I completely fell in love with his voice! And since I also seem to be having all the luck lately, I also managed to score a little interview with him....and I have to say he's pretty amazing. He's got the kind of voice that grabs you at the first opportunity and I can see him making it very far!

Before I get into the interview, have a listen to a couple of his songs so you can see what I'm talking about!

New single 'Monday Morning Blues'

This contains footage from Jerome's latest photo shoot!

'Return Train Home'

Also lets have a massive round of applause for what he's wearing in these pics. OBSESSED. 

 When did you first discover you had musical talent?
Pretty young, probably around 8 or 9

     Who are your musical influences?
I listen to so many types of music its hard to pick just a few, but I love music and artists that challenge the norm. 

 How would you describe your sound?
FOE, Fusion of everything, freedom of expression.

How did you first get involved with music?
I think it was a kids summer program, my mum sent me there one summer, and that was it, but my uncle used to always get me to make up little hooks for as long as I can remember

 You have a band called the Soul Notes how did that come about?
I was at uni, and I was writing a lot, got a bit tired of just writing to a backing track, I wanted to get back into performing again, and having a band would force me to write in a different way, plus at the time I was trying to find my sound and the rnb pop I was trying to do at the time was beginning to jar me, I needed some real music, so I went to a jazz band night that my uni was having, that's where I found my keyboard player, and that was the beginning. 

What was it like the first time you performed live?
I wanted to die, I was crazy nervous, think I was 11 and it was a kids open mic and I sang one of my own songs, I hope nobody was filming that.

You also have your own brand called F.O.E can you tell us a bit about that?

Foe stands for fusion of everything/ freedom of expression, it represents no boxes or boundaries, the freedom to step outside the lines and be individual.

 Where can we purchase F.O.E from?

Currently all updates are on instagram @foetagram and we take orders at

What are your plans for the future?
New Music, hard grafting and World domination! Get it in there!

 Which artist (that is active in the industry right now) would you love to duet with?
Kimbra, she's a genius, would love to see how she works

I just want to say a massive thanks to Jerome for the interview and here's wishing him all the luck in the world for his music career!

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  1. I heard of him and he does sound amaaaziiiing. I love that he loves Kimbra, a lot of people need to hear her as well. Her voice is perfection! Lucky lady you for scoring the interview?



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