Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Jay Z Made Me Do It.

Hi guys!

So I'm not a big fan of indoctrination, but once again I found myself falling foul to simple marketing techniques. I'm guessing that most of you know the Jay Z song 'Tom Ford'? Well it's my favourite song on the MCHG album, and in addition to that, I ended up seeing him twice in concert two weeks ago (mad I know). So it came as no surprise to me that when I needed to buy a new perfume, Tom Ford was the first to pop into my head.

I'd heard so much about the 'Black Orchid' scent, so I was really disappointed when I tried it and it was horrible! It was the spiciest scent I had ever tried, it really was like inhaling a handful of cinnamon and paprika etc. So thank God, that on the shelf just beneath lay Tom Ford 'White Patchouli' in it's pretty white and gold bottle. It was lust at first sight.

Review below pictures :)

So 'White Patchouli' is a floral scented perfume, but not like one you've ever smelt before. Every time you take another sniff, another scent is picked up, whether it be the Rose Absolute or the Night Blooming Jasmine. It's so sophisticated and all my other perfumes seem sickly sweet in comparison. You know when you smell someone, and you know that they've just sprayed some perfume? Well this is strong yet subtle and fresh, almost as if it was enhancing someones natural fragrance. It's not overpowering so you could wear this as a day and night scent. lasts on the skin FOR AGES.

While it's quite expensive at £68 for a 50ml bottle (which is the most I have ever spent on a perfume) is most definitely worth every penny. Give it a smell and let me know what you think. Definitely try it on you skin as it smelt completely different there than when I sprayed it onto one of their sample cards.



  1. Such a chic bottle design... but hell no to the price! Lol!

    1. Lol...the price is a bit ridiculous! I'm going to make it last for as long as I can :)



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