Sunday, 3 November 2013

That Time I Bought The Lipbalm Shaped Like An Egg.

Hi guys!

I'm back to seriously blogging again, and I thought I'd start it off with something nice and simple...a review of EOS lip balm! I'd seen it around for ages (well I'd seen Kim Kardashian use it), but then I kind of forgot about it, assuming that it was only available in the US. Now I'm kind of ashamed to say that it took Miley Cyrus using it in her 'We Can't Stop' video for me to be reminded of it and I decided to have a look for and eventually purchase it. I guess we all fall for the marketing sometimes lol.

EOS stands for 'Evolution of Smooth'. It comes in 7 flavours/scents, but I chose to go for 'Summer Fruits' which is described as being 'an all natural lip balm that's bursting with moisture and the refreshing flavours of strawberry, blueberry and peach.' I bought mine here.

See review below pictures :) 

So what do I love about this? First of smells DIVINE. I can only vouch for the one I have, but the smell is so lovely and sweet, I can still smell it on my lips around half an hour after I've applied it. I also like that if I happen to lick my lips I don't taste anything too overpowering. It keeps my lips soft for hours and is really easy to apply. I would say that this is great for applying underneath lipsticks, especially matte ones like 'Ruby Woo' which tend to make the lips really dry.

However, there are some cons. I prefer lip balms that give some sort of sheen to the lip (kind of like Vaseline), this one doesn't have that and still makes me want to apply something glossy on top lol. In addition, because of the shape, it's not too easy to store in the pockets of your jeans (or if you're like me, down your bra lol).

So in conclusion, this is a lovely lipbalm which makes a wonderful addition to my collection. However, I'm not sure if it's worth the £6.45 I paid for it. If they were to change the price I'd definitely be a believer. embarrassing is it that I typed belieber instead of believer at first lol

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