Sunday, 23 December 2012

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year OOTD

I'm so terrible, I haven't done a post in yonks, I've been so busy! But I'm back with another outfit of the day post. I sometimes struggle with these because I never know if what I'm wearing is ever 'special' enough to make a post about lol. Today I was out with my mum and sister doing some Christmas food shopping at Sainsbury's which was lovely a freaking nightmare. Why were grown men trying to elbow me out the way to get to the foil first? And why were old women trying to run me over with the trolley while I was looking for the Lindt? In the future I'm going to suggest my mum does her Christmas food shopping online. We then went to Marks & Spencer to get my grandparents a couple of presents and now everything is officially sorted we can relax :)

Here's what I wore:

- Educate Elevate Black Beanie - £22
- Leopard Print Shirt from H&M (bought 3 years ago)
- Black Tube Skirt (borrowed from my sister but I think it's from Topshop)
-Black Leather Ankle Boots from Topshop - £80

Have an amazing Christmas everyone and I'll be back soon! 


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