Saturday, 1 December 2012


Hey guys!

While I wait for my family to arrive to have a lil belated celebration for my brothers 17th birthday, I thought I would do a little 'outfit of the day' or 'what I wore today' post. It's nothing too fancy, just the kind of thing that I wear when I know I'm not leaving the house, but still want to look decent so my family don't tear me to shreds. Also note that the leggings are worn mostly for the fact that there will be roti, curry goat and an abundance of chicken in my house...yeah I'm going to need the stretch! lol

I'm wearing:

- Camouflage Jumper from Topshop £35
- Black Ponti Panel Leggings from River Island £20
- Black Nike Blazers from Office £67.99
- Michael Kors watch from Harrods £240
- Peace Sign Earrings from River Island £3

Hope you enjoyed reading! :) 


  1. Love it!
    How are you finding the River Island leggings by the way? I need some sturdy leggings and my H&M ones stretched out so badly that I'm afraid to go back there lol x

  2. Thank you! These ones are amazing! They're so thick and there's no chance of them ever being see-through. They're almost like a tregging rather than a standard legging. These are the ones I blogged about the other day :) x

    1. I think I will defo try River Island leggings next time then. Thanks! :) x



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