Thursday, 27 December 2012

Family Ties.

Hey guys! 

Hope you all had a really good Christmas? I did and I was really happy with my presents (although I knew exactly what I was getting lol). I got a Kindle, a pair of Converses and some Real Technique eyeshadow brushes which are bloody amazing. But of course my favourite thing about Christmas was spending time with the family. Me and my brothers and sister decided that we would all wear our matching Educate Elevate jumpers and add to the cheesy nature of the day. So here are a few pics of us doing what we do best...being idiots :) 

I'm wearing: 

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- River Island Jeans £20 (on sale)
- Black Converse £44.99

Daniel is wearing:

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- Jeans from Next £15 (on sale)
- Dark Green Nike Blazers £66.99

Lajoy is wearing:

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- Vintage Levi shorts £15 from Camden Market
- Burgundy Leather Loafers £65 from Office

Nathan is wearing:

- EE Sweatshirt £30
- Jeans from H&M
- Black Leather Nike Blazers £69.99 from Office

We're very sad...I know lol

Hope you enjoyed reading and hope you're still enjoying your holidays. And if you're already back at work well...become a teacher! :) 

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