Thursday, 3 January 2013

My Favourite Lipsticks: MAC Honey Love

Hi guys!

I thought I'd do something a bit different today. I had noticed that although this blog is called Lipstick For Dessert, I haven't really done many lipstick/beauty related I've started a new series showing you guys my favourite lipsticks  

I'll try to update this everyday, but it'll more likely be a couple of times a week. So here we go!

P.S. I've haven't used any filters on the photographs, so this way you'll be able to see the true colour :)


This is my favourite nude look and although it's kind of weird for me not to have a bold colour on my lips, this is what I would usually do when I'm wearing heavy eye makeup (including lashes) or when I'm wearing a really bright colour.

On my lips is :

MAC lipstick in 'Honey Love'

This is the first nude lipstick I've ever bought from MAC, and after watching countless YouTube videos I decided on this one. It has a matte finish but it's definitely not as drying as 'Ruby Woo'. Although a lot of bloggers recommend 'Myth', I decided it was too light for my skin tone and got this one instead and I really love it! It's light enough to show on my lips, but still dark enough to not make me look like I have a terrible case of ashy lips lol. It has a slight pink undertone and it lasts all day as long as you use a lip liner underneath.

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in 'Tanned'

This really is my favourite lipgloss ever...regardless of colour! Honestly, it smells amazing, lasts forever and gives the right amount of shine whether you wear it alone or over a lipstick. It suits any skin tone and it is 100% worth the £7.00 price tag. Although, you may find vendors on eBay who're selling it much cheaper.

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in 'Toast'

This a brown lip liner which almost exactly matches my skin colour. I use this with nearly all my lipsticks in order to define my lip line and also to keep it on for much longer. It really helps to transition from my skin to my lips when I'm using light pink lipsticks. Otherwise the colour ends up standing out too much.

On the rest of my face is...

- Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation - shade 5WN1
- NYX Concealer Jar - 'Tan'
- MAC Eyebrow Pencil - 'Stud'
- BeautyUK Liquid Eyeliner - 'Black'
-Primark Eyelashes
- Sleek Blusher - 'Life's A Peach' and 'Honour'
- NYX Slim Lip Pencil - 'Toast'
- MAC Lipstick - 'Honey Love'
- NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss - 'Tanned'

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Omgsh Honey Love is so pretty :O Do you know any dupes for it?

  2. Not sure yet...but I will be on the lookout for one and get back to you! But for now I would say that NYX lipstick in 'Tea' is another amazing nude and would look amazing on you! And it's only £3.50 :)

  3. I love this nude look! It's so hard to find nude lip products that don't make lips just look dry lol
    I'm thinking of investing in a NYX lipgloss, they always seem to look really nice on people but I'm such a cheapskate haha x

    1. Thanks! :) It's definitely worth investing in the much cheaper than MAC but I think probably my favourite lipgloss ever :)



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