Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Favourite Lipsticks: MAC Russian Red

Every time I buy a new lipstick I become totally obsessed with it, and this one is no exception. 

Drumroll please...

It's MAC's Russian Red!

(Once again I haven't used any filters so you can see the true colour. I've also stood in front of the window so you see what it looks like in the natural light)

Right so here's the dealio. I know I previously raved about Ruby Woo and how it was my favourite red lipstick ever...BUT...over time I really started to hate it. As great as the colour was, I just couldn't get over how drying it was on my lips (and I know a lot of other people have also felt this). No matter how much I moisturised my lips they would end up peeling after a few hours because of Ruby Woo.

On the other hand...while Russian Red is also a matte red lipstick, I would pick it over Ruby Woo any day of the week. It is definitely matte but it glides on really easily, and keeps my lips moist while still keeping the matte effect/texture. MAC describe it as an intense bluish-red. I use it with a light brown lip liner just to give it staying power. I could use a red lip liner, but I prefer not to change this shade in any way. Another bonus is that it's not messy at all. It stays within my lip line (I didn't have to use a lip brush) and there are no problems with bleeding. 

So yeah, to summarise, I can see me finishing this tube really quickly and I'll definitely be repurchasing :) 


  1. I've been using Ruby Woo Fora year now! the best red ever, alway have had the greatest compliments!... but the con of it being over drying makes me want to give russian red a try. Thanks for the review!



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